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Tabbada Acuncture is an integral part of a comprehensive wellness center which provides unparralleled resources. We work as a team to bring you to your highest optimum level of health. [columns][three-columns]

About Christabel Tabbada LAc.

Christabel Tabbada is a California State and Nationally Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist. As a former athlete, Christabel understands the unique needs of athletes of all ages. As a mother, her passion lies in the areas of women’s health, couples fertility,  pediatrics, and family medicine.

As a former college and masters athlete, Christabel has deep experience in treating athletic injuries of all types, in addition to helping athletes discover new levels of performance as they rise to higher levels of health.

Her studies in China, never ending quest for knowledge, and profound personal experience,  enable Christabel to both understand and effectively treat issues around the female cycle (including fertility) in addition to providing both pre and post natal care.

Christabel is a pediatric specialist and has treated her children with Chinese Medicine and nutrition since birth. She uses pediatric acupuncture in addition to pediatric tui na (massage) and specially designed pediatric herbal and nutritional formulas.

[/three-columns][two-three-columns][tabs] [tab title=”Our Approach”] We take in many points of information from the you- from visual signs, like the way one carries oneself, to the skin tone, to aspects of health illuminated in the fingernail, tongue, and pulse  that are unique to your body rhythms. We combine that with your personal health history and individualized goals to design a personalized health map- with milestones unique to YOUR needs. We are with you every step of the way from your first visit until you achieve your goals. Our method incorporates the expertise of the experts in our clinic as well as throughout our extensive professional referral network. We have the right resources for your wellbeing! [/tab] [tab title=”Our Mission”] Our mission is to provide comprehensive Sports Acupuncture for athletes of all ages and family health care in a caring environment. Our focus is on athletes, women’s health, pediatrics, and family planning.[/tab] [/tabs] [/two-three-columns][/columns]

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